李波 丨 间质的空间

2022-05-27 10:17

当我们进入围合的场所 一种超越自我行为的意识觉醒 悄然萌发,人与空间 产生类似“血缘”关系的情感连接

绮山路以东,坐标于189-6号,矗立一栋三层结构的独立建筑。除了一楼左侧为已有商业空间之外,其余暂处空置阶段。作为肌肤管理专家的连锁品牌,Younger Care漾尔科技抗衰中心入住于二楼整层,通过西北面一楼的公共通道,电梯到达。
To the east of Qishan Road, at No. 189-6, stands a three-storey independent building. Except for the existing commercial space on the left side of the first floor, the rest are temporarily vacant. As a chain brand of skin care experts, Younger Care is located on the second floor and is accessible by elevator through the public passage on the first floor in the northwest.

The commercial storefront on the left side of the original building on the first floor of the site is self-contained and cannot form a whole; the external facades on the second and third floors are large-area single curtain windows, which leads to the obvious internal column and beam structure, which is too transparent. , is also not conducive to the use of internal functions and the establishment of brand image. The optimal design of the façade has become the first element we need to consider.
Geometric elevation

For an ordinary building, it is better to deconstruct it properly than to rebuild it. The elemental application of geometry has become a consensus to improve the relationship between the façade blocks. Based on the consideration of the entrance, from the first floor to the third floor, a column with a diameter of 4m is embedded in it to strengthen the path of the vertical circulation, and at the same time form a striking image of the brand store.


The cross-embedding of the horizontal 3m arc section on the second floor makes the original transparent curtain window form a contrast between the virtual and the real, and the visual ratio of visible and non-visible can be precisely controlled. The 0.15m gap, as a hint of the internal scene, is interspersed in a horizontal and vertical manner, with a sense of asymmetrical balance.



The square opening of the vertical column is reserved for the main entrance. After passing through the circular space and then to the square vault, the changes of geometric shapes have different moods of the place. Due to the factors of height difference inside and outside, the steps are based on three steps to form a gradual buffer platform to avoid the feeling of depression due to cramped space. Just like the elevator in Christopher Nolans 《Tenet》, it connects different space scenes as a carrier of time and space travel.
Water device



At the end of the elevator hall on the second floor, we used the rising cylinder to place a water device. Water uses stone as a medium, and the special processing of water ripples freezes the ripples of water. Here, the central axis appears for the first time, connecting the dark material on the ground, the water installation and the gap for light. Light acts on bright surfaces, and matter is reflected. The single form presents a dynamic, dramatic and unknown appearance. The ground paving spreads out in circles following the water installation. The repetition of geometric elements shows a certain order and infinity.



The path of travel also echoes the spatial rhythm of the entrance on the first floor, from the square arch to the round flat roof, and then into the open reception hall. The mutual mobilization and transformation of the geometric scales between the squares and circles seems to imply a certain inner spiritual connection of the place, which is in line with the connotation and essence of the brand attributes.


Sequence vault



While we pursue form to serve function, in turn, function relies on form to create a spatial concept of serving and being served. The front reception area is blocked by the arc of the facade, which ensures the privacy of the guests and is not easily seen. The weak light is projected through the slits on the northwest side, smearing a pure construction atmosphere.



The sequential arrangement of the longitudinal continuous vaults of the ceiling in the open area not only solves the problem of multiple beams on site, but also makes the sight line regular. As for the unity and coordination of the space base, it effectively avoids the existence of clutter and disorder, and the purity of a single material, at the same time, echoes the original pursuit of beauty like clean as angel skin.



自然性、周期性、真实性是身体本能的坦诚,回归到自身新陈代谢的合理过程,是Younger Care漾尔科技抗衰中心不断探索的使命,人与空间、品牌与客户、设计与商业的相互契合,从而获得更广泛的关注。
Naturalness, periodicity, and authenticity are the frankness of the bodys instinct, and the rational process of returning to ones own metabolism. It is the mission of the Younger Care Anti-aging Center. The mutual fit between people and space, brand and customer, design and business , to gain wider attention.


Younger Care漾尔科技抗衰中心作为一个服务于身体的品牌,对身体本身的探索也在持续,而此处的“身体”并没有具体的所指,可能是物质的身体,也可能是所在的空间或场域,更有可能是宏观的细微观察,以及细微的宏观洞见。
As a brand that serves the body, Younger Care Anti-aging Center continues to explore the body itself, and the body here does not specifically refer to it, it may be the physical body or the place where it is located. Spaces or fields are more likely to be macroscopic microscopic observations and microscopic macroscopic insights.


项目名称 | Younger Care漾尔科技抗衰中心
Project Name | Younger Care
项目地址 | 无锡江阴
Project Location | Jiangyin, Wuxi
设计机构 | 精成空间设计
Design Agency | JCD.Interior Design
Project Director | Li Bo
设计面积 | 500㎡
Project Area | 500㎡
完工时间 | 2022.03
Completion Time | March, 2022
空间摄影 | 陈铭 / 徐义稳
Photography | Chen Ming / Xu Yiwen
项目撰文 | 无远文字 / 月球
Writing | Off-words / Moon










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