新作丨水木言作品:凤绫儿 中国风儿童摄影馆

2022-01-11 14:51
国风未来山水卷·凤绫儿 Chinese Style Future Landscape Painting· Fenglinger
凤 绫 儿 凤绫儿,是专注于中国古风亲子摄影的场馆。随当下中国的文化从复兴到自信,到再造,我们希望通过这个项目,对未来中式场景进行一次新的探索,同时能引导孩子们建立对传统文化的认知与热爱。 Fenglinger, is a venue that focuses on Chinese ancient style parent-child photography. With the current Chinese culture from revival to self-confidence to reinvention, we hope that through this project, we can make a new exploration of the future Chinese scene, and at the same time can guide children to build their knowledge and love of traditional culture.
The building was formerly an old state-run shopping mall, an old building group, three buildings built in three different time periods from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000 onwards are lapped together according to the site situation. The structural forms and combinations of the different eras bring a highly irregular space: the columns are of different sizes, the column network is intricately distributed, the floor heights are also different, and there are certain problems with both plan and vertical traffic. The structure was remodeled by the business that moved in behind, resulting in a situation where some of the structure had to be preserved while at the same time matching the flow of Fenglinger and the space needed for the experience.
The renovated building has three floors, with a floor area of 12,000 square meters, distributed with a play area, a dining area, and a partially open atrium. Fenglinger is located on the second floor of the old building group. Due to the need to buy tickets and change shoes before entering the indoor space, the experience flow of Fenglinger and the play area should not interfere with each other. The cultural atmosphere of Fenglinger is different from the play area and has a certain degree of coordination, which are the key points to consider in the design.

第一章 旷观 —— 千里江山 Overview - A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains
进入凤绫儿有两条流线可达,一是中庭电梯,二是中庭旋转步梯,到达二楼后以凤绫儿服务台为核心左右引导分流,让游乐版块和凤绫儿客户互不干扰。 设计基于已有建筑形态的不规则,空间面宽而开间进深短,层高高低不一的特点,以传统中国山水画的平行透视,横向展开空间,形成长轴画卷。
There are two flow lines to reach the store when entering Fenglinger. One is the courtyard elevator, and the other is the courtyard rotating staircase. After reaching the second floor, the Fenglinger service desk is the core to guide the left and right diversion so that the amusement section and Fenglinger customers do not interfere with each other. The design is based on the irregularity of the existing building form, the wide space and the short depth of the openings, and the different heights of the floors. With the parallel perspective of traditional Chinese landscape painting, the space is unfolded horizontally to form a long axis scroll.


The Fenglinger service desk is used as the starting point for the close-up scene, and the micro-terrain and interior landscape are recreated to form a three-stage composition in the landscape painting - abstracted elements of riverside, river, island, and distant water shape and stretch the spatial level. The classic symbols of landscape painting, such as ink pine trees and waterfront pavilions, are alienated. The scenes are either echoed with the interior landscape by a continuous water pattern or spread by a water carpet to guide people forward into different functional areas.



People travel through the realistic jungle structure and can realize narrative scene switching. The space façade is painted with steel plates to create layers of waves, distant peaks, and a remote landscape mood. Through the realistic mountain island doorway and the curved surface shape with a large area of white space, to achieve the space of transparency and ethereal, near and far rich layers.



第二章 异化 —— 未来山水 Alienation - Future Landscape
在文征明的山水画里,有着一系列的经典元素,如怪石奇松瘦竹的林立,树下几间书房凉亭,三两好友煮茶听琴,这些在传递出生活雅致情趣外,还有着对生活的一种畅想。 设计以抽象的儿童化视角,解读再现了古人生活意境,我们将趣味性的弯曲树木造型,以非对称线性的笔势自由穿插在不同空间里,造型简洁精炼、纯粹且干净,我们希望通过这些活泼写意的手法,唤起孩子对中式风格不同的理解与想象力。
In Wen Zhengmings landscape paintings, there are a series of classic elements, such as strange rocks, strange pines, and thin bamboo stands, a few study pavilions under the trees, some friends cooking tea and listening to the guqin, which convey an elegant interest in life, and a kind of unrestrained thoughts about life. The design is an abstract childlike perspective that interprets the reproduction of the ancient living mood. We interspersed interesting curved tree shapes freely in different spaces with asymmetrical linear strokes, and the shapes are simple and refined, pure and clean. We hope to evoke childrens different understanding and imagination of Chinese style through these lively and playful techniques.



In order to break through the space limitation of floor height, the design blends the border of reality and illusion through the reflection of dark matte stainless steel panels. The curved beams of the ceiling articulation, the large circular white area, the spherical installation with a sense of levitation, and the vertical extension of the landscape based on reflection create a dynamic and distinctive future scene. Whenever the children look around the space, they will feel like standing on a high place to see a thousand miles of rivers and mountains.



第三章 游园 —— 可行可望,可游可居 The Park - Walkable, Visitable , Tourable, and Liveable
空间以功能的划分,结合山水画布局节奏,自然形成不同的院落式分区,让孩子在空间里产生“游”的感受。孩子的眼睛就是一个摄像头,好奇、动心、热情,在步入空间后,渐进游玩,步移景异,层次递进,以感受到室内山水的人文意境。 孩子由此动态的去探索、发现一个又一个局部——在微拱的坡地攀爬,跳起来触碰松树的枝蔓,奔跑追逐于柱廊之间,躬身躲藏在山石之后……这种启蒙式的造景手法,让空间呈现一派自然流动的天真之象。
The space is divided by function. Combined with the rhythm of the landscape layout, different courtyard-style partitions are naturally formed, allowing children to produce the feeling of swimming in the space.The childs eyes are a camera, curious, moving, and enthusiastic. After stepping into the space, gradually play, each place has a different view, the level of progression, in order to feel the humanistic mood of the indoor landscape. The child thus dynamically explores and discovers one part after another - climbing on the slightly arched slope, jumping up and touching the branches of the pine trees, running and chasing between the colonnades, hiding behind the rocks. This kind of enlightening scenography gives the space a natural flow of innocence.




第四章 格物 —— 万物生长 Exploring the Laws of Everything - The Growth of Everything
A childs heart needs to have ups and downs before he or she can paint the magnificence.
The non-linear and heterogeneous expressions, which portray the majestic realm and magnificent rhythm of the landscape, are the natural empowerment of childrens vivacity and exploration of nature. The pine rocks and surging waves, which are highly generalized to the natural landscape forms, inspire children to think freely beyond the material forms, and they are thus more willing to create and express their inner world. In this way, the combination of humanity and nature and the balance of commerce and art are achieved.


第五章 山水 —— 童观萌动 Landscape - The Emergence of a Childs View
中国古人看世界认为有三重境界:看山是山、看山不是山再到看山还是山。 空间的造型是客观的,实在的;中国山水画的平远、高远、深远,则是启发的、充满动感的。
The ancient Chinese saw the world as having three realms: seeing mountains as mountains, seeing mountains as not mountains, and then seeing mountains as still mountains. The shape of the space is objective and real. Chinese landscape painting is flat and far, high and deep, while it is inspired and full of motion.
空间色彩上,设计采用中国经典的“金碧山水画”建立孩子的色彩感知,让孩子在嬉戏中丰富美好的视野,逐渐形成自有的逻辑与条理性。 空间通道、化妆区的玻璃钢柱廊、陈列立面等,采用泥金、石青、石绿等自然渐变色处理,再造、还原、传意金碧山水的色彩;纵深处的服装区廊柱与天花不锈钢处理,则通过山水浩渺的渐变黑白灰与映衬,呈现山水画般浓淡相宜,醇润婉约的深远之韵。
In terms of space color, the design adopts the classic Chinese Golden Landscape Painting to establish childrens color perception so that children can enrich their beautiful vision in playfulness and gradually form their own logic and organization. The natural gradient colors such as mud gold, stone green, and stone green are used to recreate, restore and convey the colors of the Golden landscape in the space passages, the fiberglass corridors in the dressing area, and the display façade. The deep garment area corridor columns and ceiling stainless steel treatment, through the gradient of black and white gray and the reflection of the vast landscape, presenting a landscape painting like the appropriate intensity, mellow and gentle far-reaching rhythm.
In the worldview of children, the development of understanding follows the heart, and the design takes the expansiveness and nature of Chinese landscape painting to gradually deepen the childrens love for traditional Chinese culture between the real and the mood.



Fenglinger is a revolutionary reinvention of the new offline scene with the rise of the Chinese national trend at the moment.
设计以千里江山浩渺江岸的描绘为背景,去突破有限的室内桎梏,再造室内写意中式山水景观,给予孩子们自由探索,发现创造力的各种可能。 不拘于刻形着物的传统造型,以非线性的延展传意出空间真山真水的气势与力度;以延绵起伏的弧形衔接与写意手法实现空间横向或纵向的跃迁,空间场景继而得到几何倍数的放大,由此揭开一幅异化的、立体的国风未来山水卷。
The design takes the depiction of a thousand miles of rivers and mountains as the background to break through the shackles of the limited interior and recreate the interior landscape in Chinese style, giving children the freedom to explore and discover the various possibilities of creativity. The traditional shape of the landscape is not bound to the carved shape, but the non-linear extension of the space conveys the momentum and strength of the real mountains and water. The spatial scene is then geometrically enlarged, thus unveiling an alienated, three-dimensional future landscape volume of Chinese style.


项目名称:凤绫儿 Project Name: Fenglinger Childrens Photography Museum 设计范围:室内空间 Scope of design: interior space 项目地址:中国湖南省长沙市雨花区劳动西路589号 Location: 589 Laodong West Road, Yuhua District, Changsha, Hunan, China 项目面积:2600㎡ Area: 2600㎡ 设计机构:水木言设计机构 Design Company: SMY Space Interior Design Studio 设计起止日期:2020年12月 Design Cycle: October 2020 完工时间:2021年10月 Completion time: 10, 2021 主要材料:玻璃钢、瓷砖、钢板、镜面不锈钢、玻璃、皮革 Main Materials: FRP, ceramic tile, steel plate, stainless steel, glass, leather 业主名称:湖南盘子女人坊文化科技股份有限公司 Client Name: Hunan Panzi Culture Technology Co., Ltd. 项目摄影:廖鲁 肖湘 Photographer: Liao Lu、 Xiao Xiang 主案设计师:梁宁健 Chief Designer: Liang Ningjian 辅助设计师:袁进禄、李新丽、孙霖、颜亮坤、齐俞、汤兰花 Assistant Designer:Yuan Jinlu、Li Xinli 、Sun Lin、Yan liangkun、Qi Yu、Tang Lanhua
梁宁健 Liang Ningjian





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