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Crete_ Cretan Malia Park Surrounded by rolling pastoral hills and sweeping olive groves on the outskirts of Malia on Crete’s northern coast, Cretan Malia Park is a lush hideaway harmoniously integrated into the inland’s wild Mediterranean landscape.
Crete_ Cretan Malia公园Cretan Malia公园被克里特岛北部海岸的Malia郊区连绵起伏的牧场丘陵和宽阔的橄榄树所环绕,是一个郁郁葱葱的世外桃源,与内陆的野生地中海景观和谐地融为一体。
Set amongst lush botanical gardens filled with palms, mulberries, Indian figs, local banana trees, cacti and wild flora, the hotels modernist, low-rise buildings espouse a Palm Springs chic meets Cretan vernacular aesthetic courtesy of last year’s comprehensive renovation. Swathed in natural materials like walnut wood, rattan and Cretan marble, the revamped interiors feature contemporary furnishings of mid-century elegance interlaced with handcrafted pieces by local artisans, such as hand-hewn baskets, ceramic pots and custom-designed herringbone cement tiles. Add in the vibrant accents of mustard yellows, sea blues, flora greens and orange, and the ubiquitous floor-to-ceiling windows, and you get a sense of the resort’s masterful interior/exterior fusion.



The idyllic locale and sophisticated design are rounded off by a focus on wellbeing. A program of physical activities such as yoga, Pilates, meditation sessions and water polo, is complemented by three pools, a fully equipped gym, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, family facilities like the Little Explorers Kids Club, and an intimate spa offering signature treatments, while an organic kitchen garden provides the resort’s three restaurants, beachside eatery and classy bar with fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Cretan Malia Park Resort a member of Design Hotels™ Malia, Crete, Greece.

田园风光和精致的设计以健康为重点。一系列体育活动(例如瑜伽,普拉提,冥想课程和水球)由三个游泳池,设备齐全的健身房,室外网球场和篮球场,家庭设施(如Little Explorers Kids Club)和私密的SPA提供特色护理,以作补充,而有机厨房花园则为度假村的三间餐厅,海滨餐厅和提供新鲜蔬菜,水果和香草的优雅酒吧提供了便利。预订您的住宿_______ Cretan Malia Park Resort是希腊克里特岛Design Hotels™Malia的成员。




A wide range of amenities include a multi-functioning play centre for children, a yoga pavilion, outdoor tennis and basketball courts, and an organic kitchen garden providing fresh produce to the Hotel’s restaurants. © Cretan Malia Park Resort a member of Design Hotels™ | Malia, Crete, Greece. Photo by Claus Brechenmacher - Reiner Baumann. Courtesy of Cretan Malia Park.
各种设施包括多功能儿童游乐中心,瑜伽馆,室外网球场和篮球场,以及有机厨房花园,为酒店的餐厅提供新鲜食材。©Cretan Malia Park Resort,Design Hotels™设计公司成员| Malia,克里特岛,希腊。摄影:克劳斯·布雷兴马赫(Claus Brechenmacher)-雷纳·鲍曼(Reiner Baumann)。由克里特岛玛丽亚公园(Cretan Malia Park)提供










Halkidiki_ Ekies All Senses Resort Picture an Instagramable lagoon of crystal blue waters, rocky islands, sea caves and white sandy beaches, set below sweeping pine forests: welcome to Ekies All Senses Resort.
Located on the Gulf of Vourvourou in Sithonia, a protected area in Ηalkidiki’s most striking peninsula, the resort’s idyllic location is matched by its laidback luxury and sustainable ethos. Fronted by a long sandy beach, the resort is imbued with a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, with hammocks and grassy areas throughout, a large, oasis-like pool hidden by palm trees, and a boutique spa housed in an all-white pavilion offering a range of holistic beauty treatments and massage sessions. In fact, Ekies’ design has been internationally recognized, having won an AHEAD hospitality award in the Landscaping - Outdoor Spaces category. Ekies’ accolades also extend to its award-winning culinary offerings underpinned by seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, including fresh fish caught daily from local fishermen. From the seaside Bubo restaurant serving Greek classics with a modern twist, to the magical Treehouse, an intimate, fine-dining restaurant high up in the pine trees with unobstructed views of the sea, to the chill out vibes, snacks and signature cocktails of the Loligo bar, gastronomic delights go hand in hand perfectly with the soulful character of Ekies.
位于西索尼亚的Vourvourou湾,Ηalkidiki最引人注目的半岛的保护区,度假村的田园诗般的地理位置与其悠闲的奢华和可持续的精神气质相匹配。 在一个长长的沙滩上,度假村充满了一种宁静和放松的感觉,整个地方都有吊床和草地,一个巨大的绿洲般的游泳池被棕榈着,一个精品水疗中心坐落在一个全白色的亭子里,提供一系列全面的美容治疗和按摩。 事实上,Ekies的设计已经得到了国际认可,在景观设计中获得了AHEAD酒店奖









Nestled among lush green, pine-scented gardens, accommodation varies in size and style, from spacious double rooms of contemporary design, to minimalist suites with private pools, through to eco-luxury apartments with private terraces. Soothing garden and forest views are complemented by design pieces and plenty of comforts like Coco-Mat beds, Marshall speakers and rainfall showers. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Ekies All Senses Resort, a member of Design Hotels™ Vourvourou Bay, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, Greece.
坐落在郁郁葱葱的绿色松香花园中,住宿在大小和风格上各不相同,从宽敞的现代设计双人间,到带有私人游泳池的极简主义套房,再到带有私人露台的生态豪华公寓。 舒适的花园和森林景观得到了设计和舒适的补充,如可可-马特床,马歇尔扬声器和降雨淋浴。 预订您的住宿_______EkiesAllSenses度假村,设计酒店成员™Vourvourou湾,西索尼亚,Chalkidiki,希腊。











Kefalonia_ Emelisse Nature Resort Overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian Sea amid acres of cypress, cedar and olive trees in the north of Kefalonia, Emelisse Nature Resort celebrates the island’s unparalleled natural beauty through a lens of laidback luxury.
A short 10-minute walk from the picturesque fishing village of Fiskardo, the resort has its own private beach, a tranquil stretch of white sand and turquoise waters, as well as two magnificent pools overlooking the sea, making it the ideal cocooning hideaway. Connected by pebbled paths, a series of cliff top, colour-washed houses set amid evergreen gardens offer a wide range of accommodation, from spacious guest rooms and suites, to apartments and maisonettes, complete with terraces, balconies and private swimming pools granting guests mesmerizing views of the shimmering sea and rolling hills. Just as dreamy are the views from the poolside restaurant, with neighbouring Ithaki and Lefkada islands looming in the distance during lunch, while at night, the refined menu of Greek and Mediterranean dishes is uplifted by the candle and lantern-lit setting and star-studded sky.





Highlights include relaxing at the gorgeous pool, getting a massage at the luxury spa, picking one of the Hotel’s bicycles to explore the area, and tasting the freshly baked pastries and cakes. © Emelisse Nature Resort | Fiskardo, Kefalonia, Greece. Photography by Dimitris Skigopoulos.




All the amenities you’d expect from a first class resort are here: a luxury spa where guests are spoiled for choice with numerous face and body treatments, a state-of-the-art gym, tennis and squash courts, and yoga classes and scuba diving courses, and even an outdoor cinema. With such comforts you’d be excused for not wanting to leave the resort but if you do, a sleek Princess V50 motor boat and a fleet of kayaks and bikes allow you to explore Kefalonia’s pristine coastline. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Emelisse Nature Resort Fiskardo, Kefalonia Greece.
您可以从一流的度假胜地期待的所有便利设施都在这里:一个豪华的水疗中心,客人被宠坏了,可以选择多种面部和身体治疗,一个最先进的健身房,网球和壁球场,瑜伽课和潜水课程,甚至一个户外电影院。 有了这样的舒适,你可以原谅不想离开度假村,但如果你这样做,一艘光滑的公主V50摩托艇和一队皮划艇和自行车让你探索基法洛尼亚原始的海岸线。 预订您的STAY_______Emelisse自然度假村Fiskardo,希腊基法洛尼亚。







Metsovo_ Grand Forest Metsovo Perched on top of a private mountain on the footsteps of Pindus National Park in north-western Greece, Grand Forest Metsovo is the perfect place to discover Greece’s alpine side.
Surrounded by sweeping black pine and beech forests, the five-star resort is blessed with panoramic views of the surrounding mountain peaks, valleys and ravines, including the historic village of Metsovo wherefrom it takes its name. Inspired by the region’ vernacular architecture, the resort’s modest building complex – think stone-built walls, timber beams, and stone roof shingles – belies interiors of subtle luxury and contemporary elegance. Comprising 62 spacious suites, Grand Forest Metsovo is a peaceful haven where guests can unwind and recharge, pampered by the first class amenities it offers and soothed by the natural beauty of its location.
这座五星级的度假胜地周围环绕着一望无际的黑松和山毛榉林,周围的山峰、山谷和峡谷尽收眼底,其中包括历史悠久的梅索沃村,从那里得名。 受该地区乡土建筑的启发,度假村的建筑建筑群——如石头建造的墙壁、木梁和石头屋顶碎片——隐藏着微妙的奢华和当代优雅的内部。 由62间宽敞的套房组成的Grand Forest Metsovo是一个宁静的港湾,客人可以在这里放松和充电,享受一流的便利设施,并因其地理位置的自然美而感到舒适。




The hotel offers a range of experiences, from visiting Metsovo’s traditional carpentry workshops, to hiking, wild truffle hunting and picnicking, to mountain biking and horse riding (courtesy of the hotel’s own stables). © Grand Forest Metsovo | Metsovo, Greece. Photo by Christos Drazos.




Head to Fontus Spa for a range of treatments based on Greek aromas and herbs, a heated indoor pool with expansive mountain views, or relax in the hammam, sauna and Jacuzzi. Hungry? Visit Metsovo 1350m, the hotel’s signature restaurant named after its altitude, whose local cuisine with a twist is based on the area’s gastronomical traditions, or try one of the tavernas, ouzerias and traditional bakeries within Metsovo village, a 20-minutes-drive down the mountain. Granted, there are no sea views or beaches here, but with a vast network of hiking trails on the resort’s doorstep (Metsovo is one of the leading hiking destinations in Europe) and a range of activities that include wild truffle hunting, horseback riding, biking, paragliding, canoe and kayak, you can be assured you won’t miss them. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Grand Forest Metsovo Metsovo, Epirus, Northern Greece.
前往Fontus Spa,享受一系列基于希腊芳香和草药的治疗,室内恒温游泳池,可欣赏广阔的山景,或在吊床、桑拿和按摩浴缸中放松。 饿了吗? 参观Metsovo1350米,这是酒店以海拔高度命名的标志性餐厅,其当地美食以该地区的美食传统为基础,或者在Metsovo村内尝试一座酒馆、Ouzerias和传统面包店,这是一座20分钟的下山车程。 当然,这里没有海景或海滩,但在度假村门口有一个庞大的徒步旅行网络(梅索沃是欧洲领先的徒步旅行目的地之一),以及一系列活动,包括野生松露狩猎、骑马、骑自行车、滑翔伞、独木舟和皮艇,你可以放心,你不会错过它们。 预订您的状态_______大森林梅索沃梅索沃,伊庇鲁斯,希腊北部。







Mykonos_ The Wild Hotel by Interni Perched on a cliff side on the south of Mykonos – once the home of the “the wild ones”, the island’s most fearless fishermen – The Wild Hotel by Interni is a peaceful haven of subtle luxury inspired by the Cycladic landscape, architecture and crafts.

Mykonos_ Interni的野兽酒店坐落在米科诺斯岛南部的悬崖边上,曾经是岛上最无畏的渔民的“野人”的家园– Interni的野兽酒店是基克拉迪风格的隐秘奢华天堂景观,建筑和手工艺品。
Comprising 40 rooms, suites and villas, the five-star hotel unfolds amphitheatrically over five levels with unobstructed views of the shimmering waters of the Aegean below, making it the perfect place to immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Mykonos. At the heart of the hotel, a sprawling infinity pool overlooking the sea echoes the fluid contours of the surrounding terrain, while the hand-built stone walls, wooden pergolas, and planted tamarisk trees, bougainvilleas and herbs filter the island’s landscape through a lens of effortless sophistication. A few steps below the pool terrace, the hotel’s private beach allows guests to enjoy the island’s crystal waters away from the crowds – a true privilege on Mykonos.






Highlights include the spa’s plunge pool carved into the rock, an intimate private beach, and Chef Maro Diakatou’s authentically Greek dishes like grilled squid seasoned with a lemon, olive oil and fennel dressing. © The Wild Hotel by Interni | Mykonos, Greece. Photography by Vangelis Paterakis.

亮点包括刻在岩石上的温泉浴池,私密的私人海滩以及大厨Maro Diakatou的正宗希腊菜,例如以柠檬,橄榄油和茴香调味料调味的烤鱿鱼。


Channelling the island’s architectural heritage, the hotel’s minimalist aesthetic is underpinned by the use of natural materials like aged oak, bamboo and rattan, which, combined with a muted colour palette of earthy hues and a collection of handcrafted furniture and hand-painted ceramic tiles, imbue the hotel’s interiors with a soothing ambiance that fosters calmness and relaxation. The island’s culture is also reflected in the Greek menu at the Taverna, whose soulful dishes are prepared with fresh, locally sourced produce, and the treatments offered in the subterranean spa, which have been inspired by ancient Greek therapies. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ The Wild Hotel by Interni Mykonos, Greece.
 酒店的极简主义美学以古老的橡木、竹子和藤条等天然材料为基础,加上柔和的土色调色板和手工制作的家具和手绘瓷砖,使酒店内部充满了舒缓的氛围,促进了平静和放松。 这个岛的文化也反映在酒馆的希腊菜单中,它的灵魂菜肴是用新鲜的、当地来源的产品制作的,以及由古希腊疗法启发的地下水疗中心提供的治疗。 预订您的酒店_______野生酒店由国际米科诺斯,希腊。









Paros_ Parīlio Hotel Conceived as the first luxury gateway on Paros, a Cycladic island of unexplored beauty, Parīlio is an all-suite resort of unpretentious sophistication located on the north-western corner of the island.
In close proximity to the picturesque fishing town of Naoussa and the renowned Kolympithres Beach, the hotel’s identity and design are rooted in the island’s landscape, history and mythology, which makes staying there an authentic, effortlessly Greek yet thoroughly modern experience. The boutique hotel’s whitewashed cubic massing and wide arches channel traditional Cycladic architecture through a contemporary lens, while the liberal use of coloured concrete, terracotta floors, rustic stone and local marble enhances its Mediterranean appeal. The unassuming building complex is intersected by palm tree-reflecting infinity ponds, potted cacti and landscaped patios that imbue the property with a mood of stillness, while the expansive, cross-shaped pool is the hotel’s de facto hub, complete with yellow parasols, loungers, oversized cushions, and a minimalist pool bar. The hotel’s unique brand of Mediterranean simplicity is carried on inside, where the use of natural materials and a soothing colour palette complement a collection of vintage and modern furniture, along with a series of handcrafted ceramic and textile artefacts.
酒店靠近风景如画的渔镇Naoussa和著名的Kolympithres海滩,酒店的身份和设计植根于岛上的景观、历史和神话,这使入住那里成为一种正宗、毫不费力的希腊式但完全现代的体验。 精品酒店的白色立方按摩和宽拱通过当代镜头引导传统的Cycladic建筑,而自由使用彩色混凝土、兵马俑地板、乡村石头和当地大理石增强了它的地中海吸引力。 这座不起眼的建筑群与棕榈树相交-反射无限的池塘、盆栽仙人掌和庭院,使酒店充满了一种宁静的气氛,而宽敞的交叉形状的游泳池是酒店事实上的枢纽,里面有黄色的阳伞、躺椅、超大的垫子和极简主义的游泳池酒吧。酒店独特的地中海简约品牌在内部进行,在那里使用天然材料和舒缓的调色板补充了复古和现代家具的集合,以及一系列手工制作的陶瓷和纺织工艺品。

Uranus Suite with private terrace and Jacuzzi. © Parīlio a member of Design Hotels™ | Kolympithres, Naoussa Paros, Greece. Photo by Claus Brechenmacher - Reiner Baumann. Courtesy of Parīlio.

Highlights include the soothing soundtrack of mellow beats and the hum of cicadas while lounging at the pool, the architecture’s unique sense of Cycladic simplicity, and fine-dine dishes of Mr.E. © Parīlio a member of Design Hotels™ | Kolympithres, Naoussa Paros, Greece. Photo by Claus Brechenmacher - Reiner Baumann. Courtesy of Parīlio.
亮点包括柔和的旋律和蝉鸣的嗡嗡声,在池边悠闲地躺着,建筑独特的旋风式简约感,以及设计酒店™Kolympithres,NaoussaParos,希腊的E.©Parilio先生的精致菜肴。 克劳斯·布列申马赫的照片



Rounding out Parīlio’s offering of an authentic Greek experience is Mr.E, a fine dining restaurant where traditional recipes and local produce are reinvented into modern dishes through a contemporary filter courtesy of celebrated Greek Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis, while the serene Elios Spa offers the ultimate time out for those looking to fully embrace the slow-paced Cycladic way of living. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Parīlio Hotel, a member of Design Hotels™ Paros, Greece.

为使Parīlio提供地道的希腊体验,Mr.E是一家高级餐厅,在这里,通过著名的希腊厨师Alexandros Tsiotinis的当代过滤,将传统食谱和当地食材重新塑造成现代菜肴,而宁静的Elios Spa则为您提供终极时光寻找那些希望完全接受慢节奏的基克拉迪生活方式的人。预订您的住宿_______ParīlioHotel,希腊Design Hotels™Paros的成员。




The cruciform pool is intercepted by rock formations echoing the local landscape. © Parīlio a member of Design Hotels™ | Kolympithres, Naoussa Paros, Greece. Photo by Claus Brechenmacher - Reiner Baumann. Courtesy of Parīlio.
 十字形水池被与当地景观相呼应的岩层拦截。 ©Parilio,设计酒店™|Kolympithres,NaoussaParos,希腊。 克劳斯·布列申马赫的照片





Santorini_ Andronis Arcadia Santorini’s spellbinding beauty of its partially submerged caldera, whitewashed villages and black sandy beaches demands a truly relaxing getaway such as Andronis Arcadia in order to really relish such astounding beauty.
 Andronis Arcadia Santorini Santorini_其部分淹没的火山口、粉刷过的村庄和黑色沙滩的迷人之处,需要一个真正放松的假期,如Andronis Arcadia,以便真正享受这种惊人的美。
Scenically located on the outskirts of Oia, the island’s loveliest village and go-to location to watch the sunset, the all-suite hotel combines breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea, minimalist interiors of understated luxury, and a peaceful ambience that evokes the mythic Arcadia wherefrom its takes its name. The hotel is Andronis Exclusive’ newest uber-luxe hospitality project on the island and it shows: every single room enjoys its own private terrace and infinity pool where guests can relish the island’s magical sunsets away from the crowds. Just as panoramic are the views from the sweeping infinity pool at the centre of the hotel’s communal area, which evokes a beach-club vibe courtesy of a sunken bar carved into the poolside, floating day beds, and a resident DJ.

这家全套房酒店座落在岛上最可爱的村庄伊亚(Oia)郊区,是欣赏日落美景的理想去处,结合了爱琴海的壮丽景色,低调奢华的简约内饰以及让人联想到波罗的海的宁静氛围。神话般的阿卡迪亚(Arcadia)从此得名。这家酒店是安德鲁尼斯独家(Andronis Exclusive)在岛上最新的超豪华酒店项目,它表明:每间单人间都拥有自己的私人露台和无边泳池,客人可以在此远离人群,享受岛上神奇的日落美景。与酒店全景一样,从酒店公共区中心广阔的无边泳池中可以欣赏到美景,这让人联想到海滩俱乐部的氛围,池中刻有凹陷的吧台,浮式躺椅和居民DJ。

The use of natural materials like wood imbue the minimalist interiors with warmth. © Andronis Arcadia | Oia, Santorini, Greece.
 像木材这样的天然材料的使用给极简主义的内部注入了温暖。 ©Andronis Arcadia|Oia,Santorini,希腊。

The minimalist sophistication of the Hotel’s architecture and interior design is complemented by its culinary offerings that range from a classical Greece inspired tasting menu, reinvented traditional dishes, to sushi. © Andronis Arcadia | Oia, Santorini, Greece.
 酒店的建筑和室内设计的极简主义的复杂性得到了它的烹饪产品的补充,从古典希腊启发的品尝菜单,重新发明的传统菜肴,到寿司。 ©Andronis Arcadia|Oia,Santorini,希腊。

Cycladic architecture meets contemporary minimalism. © Andronis Arcadia | Oia, Santorini, Greece.
While the pool-side dining area offers Greek-themed and sushi menus, a unique dining experience awaits guests at the rooftop restaurant serving contemporary Greek flavours inspired by the tastes and ingredients of Ancient Greece. Just as unique is the hotel’s Evexia spa, which was designed with the help of Denise Leicester, the founder of cult British brand, Ila, and offers a range of treatments from facials to ancient rituals such as a crystal massage, as well as a Kneipp circuit, an open-air yoga pavilion and a well-equipped gym. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Andronis Arcadia Santorini, Greece.
 泳池边的餐饮区提供希腊主题和寿司菜单,而在屋顶餐厅,独特的用餐体验等待客人提供当代希腊风味的灵感来自古希腊的口味和成分。 同样独特的是酒店的Evexia水疗中心,它是在Denise Leicester的帮助下设计的,Denise Leicester是邪教英国品牌Ila的创始人,提供一系列治疗,从面部护理到古老的仪式,如水晶按摩,以及Kneipp电路,露天瑜伽馆和齐全的健身房。 预订您的STAY_______安德烈尼斯阿卡迪亚圣托里尼,希腊。

Al fresco dining under a minimal pergola at Eden Villa. © Andronis Arcadia | Oia, Santorini, Greece.
 在伊甸园别墅,AlFresco餐厅在最小的Pergola下用餐。 ©Andronis Arcadia|Oia,Santorini,希腊。
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Shared Pool Superior Suite. © Contessina Suites - Spa | Zakynthos, Greece.
 共享游泳池高级套房。 ©Contessina套房
Zakynthos_ Contessina Collection Located in the picturesque village of Tsilivi in Zakynthos, one of the greenest of Greece’s islands, best known for its breathtakingly picturesque beaches, Contessina Collection offers the perfect boutique experience to indulge in luxury hospitality and natural beauty.
Conveniently located just a short drive from the island’s main town, the resort nevertheless feels secluded in its unspoilt, natural surroundings, and emphasis on tranquillity and privacy. Comprising an adults-friendly, all-suite getaway and a separate, family friendly hotel, Contessina Collection is the ideal retreat for all types of discerning travellers seeking to unwind in unpretentious luxury. Just steps away from the beach and emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, both complexes are centred around expansive, outdoor swimming pools where you can spend the whole day basking under the sun on comfy sunbeds or relaxing by the pool bar offering refreshing cocktails and Mediterranean comfort food.
酒店地理位置便利,距离岛上的主要城镇只有很短的车程,但度假村却感觉与世隔绝,环境自然,注重宁静和隐私。 康泰西纳系列酒店包括一个对成年人友好的、全套房的度假和一个单独的、家庭友好的酒店,是所有类型的有洞察力的旅行者寻求在朴实奢华中放松的理想去处。 距离爱奥尼亚海的海滩和翡翠水域仅几步之遥,这两个建筑群都围绕着宽敞的室外游泳池,在那里你可以在舒适的日光浴床上晒太阳一整天,或者在游泳池酒吧放松,提供清爽的鸡尾酒和地中海舒适的食物。

Both the Hotel and the Suites are centred around expansive, outdoor swimming pools where you can spend the whole day lounging. © Contessina Suites - Spa | Zakynthos, Greece.
酒店和套房都围绕着宽敞的室外游泳池,您可以在那里度过一整天的休闲时光。 ©Contessina套房

Last year’s renovation has revamped Contessina’s modernist architecture with contemporary sophistication and restrained refinement. © Contessina Suites - Spa | Zakynthos, Greece.
 去年的翻新改造了孔戴西纳的现代主义建筑,使其具有当代的复杂性和克制的精致性。 ©Contessina套房

Shared Pool Superior Suite. © Contessina Suites - Spa | Zakynthos, Greece.
 共享游泳池高级套房。 ©Contessina套房
Despite the fact that the property is celebrating its 25th anniversary this summer, Contessina feels and looks utterly contemporary having been extensively renovated only last year. The revamped architecture embraces an austere, modernist aesthetic, softened by perforated timber screens and climbing plants, while the new minimalist interiors, underpinned by a muted palette of earthy tones and natural materials, are a paradigm of restrained sophistication. This sense of refinement is also clearly evident in the resort’s culinary offerings, with the elegantly designed Vedema and Lentika restaurants featuring polished menus showcasing modern Mediterranean dishes by acclaimed Greek Chef Christoforos Peskias. With an in-house gym and a brand-new boutique spa, complete with a cave-like indoor pool, wellness and pampering provide the ultimate luxurious touch and go hand in hand with everything that Contessina proudly stands for. BOOK YOUR STAY_______ Contessina Collection Zakynthos, Greece.
尽管该酒店今年夏天正在庆祝成立25周年,但孔戴西娜感觉和看起来完全是现代的,去年才进行了广泛的装修。 经过改造的建筑包含了一种朴素的现代主义美学,被穿孔的木屏和攀爬植物软化了,而新的极简主义内部,以柔和的色调和自然材料的调色板为基础,是一种克制复杂的典范。 这种精致感在度假村的烹饪产品中也很明显,优雅设计的Vedema和Lentika餐厅提供了抛光菜单,展示了著名的希腊厨师ChristoforosPeskias的现代地中海菜肴。 拥有一个室内健身房和一个全新的精品水疗中心,配有一个洞穴般的室内游泳池,健康和呵护提供了终极豪华的触摸,并与康蒂斯纳自豪地代表的一切齐头并进。 预订您的STAY_______Contessina收藏Zakynthos,希腊。

The Hotel’s architecture embraces an austere, modernist aesthetic, softened by perforated timber screens and climbing plants, courtesy of last year’s extensive renovation. © Contessina Suites - Spa | Zakynthos, Greece.







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