Ippolito Fleitz Group (IFG). as a worldwide leading studio in the disciplines of architecture, design and communication, ‘identity architect’ is what we shape the way we think and work. With passion for interdisciplinary concepts and implementations. With excellent references from all around the world. With 80 employees from 17 different nations. And with more than 280 international awards.

IFG has international experience in commercial, residential, workspace, retail and public architecture projects throughout the world and major cities and regions across Chine. IFG works closely with diverse type of clients such as Cifi, CrLand, SOHO, Haier, etc. We understand identity as a process, which we support in the interests of our clients and on the basis of our expertise.



What we offer you?
• diverse and multidisciplinary projects with team in three global locations: Stuttgart, Berlin and Shanghai
• a strong team spirit with a sense of cohesion and belongingness
• an enthusiastic workspace and dynamic development chance
• further training in specific subjects and soft skills
• overtime compensation and flexible vacation planning

• 多样化和跨领域的项目及与德国团队的密切合作
• 良好的企业文化,具有凝聚力和归属感的工作氛围
• 充满创意的办公环境及清晰的发展晋升空间
• 对个人发展和职业发展的培训
• 加班福利,灵活的工作时间及休假计划