新作丨 隹聿设计 迂回,对应常态

2022-04-22 08:38
Explore the divergent cognition of things from different angles, in a relatively flat way to elaborate its internal many complex possibilities, explore more different ways of life and rethink the human nature, so that the space can be more exquisite and the establishment of emotional resonance...



From the material experience and spiritual double fault area to establish the natural relationship between man and space.


We seek to break the thinking inertia and divided functional zoning within the regulations, so that the moving line is more inclined to the liberalized surrounding behavior, and the single items are as few and simple as possible, so that it can yield to the whole picture of the whole space.



The cross processing of the inclined plane and the block makes the confused structure clear through the logic after combing, and then through the material differentiation at the bottom, to extend the visual extension from the outside to the inside.



On the premise of improving the use of functions, the component table body is split and reassembled by grafting mortise and tenon, so as to show the essence of structural technology.



Detour, to move the line to organize the action of the context.
of inclined inclined peep is masked, and the forward feeling after narrowing is contrasted by the form of inward compression, including the resulting visual tension.

Overlap, geometrically disintegrating related structures.




The insertion concept of wooden box is used to connect the scene interaction between indoor and outdoor, and the convex block surface is strengthened by the way of external selection, so that the surrounding communication atmosphere is more obvious, and at the same time, the extension of daily scene interaction with outdoor is further advanced.


Considered is innovated, structure of the original housing at the top of the beam unbalanced distribution, is to solve one of the difficulties, with the extension of cant line, to separate the boundary and area, to the top of the blanking visual sense of strewn at random, then with the help of high and low points difference processing to correspond to the hierarchy of smallpox, make its structure disorder of subsidiary is more clear.





For office space, we hope it can be more diversified to embody different levels of understanding, a new definition of hall, at the same time back to the way of life for a private house we understand, the concept of vacant understanding also cause our thinking, for its usage and the establishment of interactive also tend to become our space for processing, We believe that it is a bridge and medium to build people, people and things, and even the environment, such as the understanding of fault. We hope that it is based on the understanding of media rather than spatial dimension.


For the second analysis of reorganization, the separation of form to elaborate the thinking of away.


It is composed of a steel frame base, a steel plate table top and a multi-layer foundation, and then a paint finish. The table body is made of double-layer steel plate stacked welding as its support and balance bracket, the base and the table top and the corresponding structural surface belong to the secondary process grafting, with the help of the basic outsourcing to repair hard imitation cement texture texture to reflect the structure itself process aesthetic clever.

Let the meaning of return be more practical to daily and more ordinary events, and explore more different ways of life and re-thinking about human nature through our own way, so that the space can be more studied and the establishment of emotional resonance. When it comes to the way of conveying our own ideas, we tend to seek more different ways to discuss and think in various ways close to human nature by means of more non-definition of media. We also believe that the establishment of such a space can better withstand the use and daily fault thinking.

Explore the concept of device combining mechanics and aesthetics.

With the texture of column as the extension surface, the top and beam structure form a staggered relationship at the same time, processing the structure of the block surface frame, extending to the boundary line of the ground material, strengthening the separation of the two areas, the bottom with the help of natural unprocessed texture of steel, to reflect the distinction between the natural texture and adjacent materials. The transparency of glass material is used to connect the corridor to the semi-snooping of the interior creative office area. Also as the turning surface of the material, the doors are continued with glass material to deal with the interaction and openness of the space.



The normal non closed state open and close door fan, better realize the north-south moving line organization surround and connectivity, to the turning surface of the cabinet body to analyze the occlusal relationship of the table body, the bottom to comply with the extension direction of the desktop, to seek the mechanical beauty of the support, convex structure for grafting process.



With the help of light, the texture of the material is highlighted, the split-layer gap of the leaf curtain is filtered, and the indoor structure is explored. The process of depth also records the daily change degree, and the change in the morning and evening corresponds to the projection category of the change of light and shadow.


The relationship between function and real use should be paid equal attention to and reversely deduced, so as to achieve the real experience of the corresponding space and transform into the emotional generation, process and result of the occupant, which is more likely to be a natural product.

To maintain the left and right functional divisions in the form of block surface, the processing of the middle column inclined plane is also to weaken the sharpness of the perspective, so that the sensory experience value presented by different angles can be balanced and extend the progressive visual depth.

As for the current positioning of the studio, I hope it can be a more pure starting point, focusing on relevant fields, serving each project in the form of a team, guiding the implementation with the final implementation of the project, so that the project can be presented as expected and the concept to be expressed externally.
Namely static, namely burst new direction or dynamic.



Project Name: Zhui yu Design site
Project Address: Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province
Creative and Design Team: Zhui yu Studio
Project Leader: Liang Yaoguang
Soft Decoration Designers: Lin Xiao, Chen Hailong
130 m² (普通平层)
Building Area: 130 m² (ordinary flat floor)
Host Designer: Lance Lindsey
Design Participants: Wang Liyong, Cao Jianhao, Teng Beilei
长颈鹿地板,DANILO涂料,90 瓷砖,欧顿灯饰,森工木业,雅素丽等...
Brand Suppliers: Giraffe floor, DANILO paint, 90  tiles, Outon lighting, forest industry wood industry, Yasu Li, etc...
Project Completion Time:2022.2
Photographer:Wu Changle

隹聿设计工作室主理人 / 设计总监
成立于2021年的隹聿设计工作室 ‘atelier_zyu’,涉足室内建筑及商业空间等领域类型,致力于探索事物于不同角度的发散认知,以相对述平化的方式来阐述其内在诸多的复杂可能性,借此来挖掘更多维度的设计思考和探讨。
Atelier_zyu ,founded in 2021, Set Foot in the indoor architecture and commercial space and other types of fields, committed to exploring things in different angles of divergent cognition, in a relatively flat way to elaborate its inherent many complex possibilities, take this as a way to explore more dimensions of design thinking and discussion.
Related Concept
By means of indoor architecture, the inner network and structure can be sorted out, and then the boundaries can be reorganized and broken down again. By means of the established pattern, the guiding narration of relevant design languages can be strengthened, it is also intended to inject more external transfer points into the project, so as to more effectively feed back into the operational thinking of its own space.
There is no precise boundary between inside and outside, trying to connect people with space, people with people and the emotional relationship between people and the environment through a combination of ways, but also through a more dimensional perspective to rediscover the daily neglected fault, let the meaning of return more into the daily and more ordinary events, then through our own way to explore more different ways of life and re-thinking of human nature, so that the space can be more meaningful and emotional resonance.










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