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2021-10-25 21:58
All the time. A house without books is like a body without a soul —— Cicero 没有书籍的屋子 就像没有灵魂的躯体 ——西塞罗 -

大学之道,在明明德,在亲民,在止于至善。知止而后有定;定而后能静;静而后能安;安而后能虑;虑而后能得。物有本末,事有终始。 ——《大学》 The way of university is to be virtuous, to be close to the people and to be good. Know the end and then decide; Calm and then calm; Peace comes after silence; After peace, you can worry; Think before you get it. Things have their beginning and end. —— 


明德书店是人民大学出版集团旗下的校园书店品牌,这次与工业大学的校园合作,文理结合让人文主义进入理科学府。设计上我们在寻求理性和感性的平衡点,希望可以逻辑又不失人文内涵。 Mingde bookstore is the campus bookstore brand of Renmin University Publishing Group. This time, the campus cooperation with the University of technology and the combination of Arts and science make humanism enter the University of science. In terms of design, we are seeking the balance between rationality and sensibility, hoping to be logical without losing the humanistic connotation.


01 - 入口 Entrance


入口设计结合明代著名画家陈洪绶的《松下读书图》,松树是中国传统文人画中经常出现的意象,宁静质朴的君子特质也应该是今天的读书人需要传承的精神品格。书店门口有一棵青松保留,站在入口处整个人就沉静下来。 The entrance design is combined with the Panasonic reading picture by Chen Hongshou, a famous painter in the Ming Dynasty. Pine is a common image in Chinese traditional literati paintings. The quiet and simple gentleman character should also be the spiritual character that todays scholars need to inherit. There was a pine tree in front of the bookstore. Standing at the entrance, the whole person was quiet.


同时入口门头我们结合明德书店logo的图案形式和颜色搭配,让符号从平面化表现具象到立体呈现。结合一侧原有保留的松树体现入口的人文特性。大门进入是入口的校园文化和文创展示空间和收银服务台,左侧是党政文化展示空间。 At the entrance door, we combine the pattern form and color matching of the logo of Mingde bookstore to make the symbols from planar representation to three-dimensional presentation. Combine the original pine trees on one side to reflect the humanistic characteristics of the entrance.The entrance to the gate is the campus culture and cultural innovation exhibition space and cashier service desk at the entrance, and the party and government culture exhibition space is on the left.
02 - 文创区 Cultural and Creative area


包豪斯在设计理论上有三个基本理念:艺术与技术的新统一;设计的目的是人而不是产品;设计必须遵循自然与客观的法则来进行。这些理念对于工业设计的发展起到了积极的作用,使现代设计逐步由理想主义走向现实主义,即用理性的、科学的思想来代替艺术上的自我表现和浪漫主义。 Bauhaus has three basic ideas in design theory: the new unity of art and technology; The purpose of design is people, not products; Design must follow the laws of nature and objectivity.These ideas have played a positive role in the development of industrial design, making modern design gradually move from idealism to realism, that is, using rational and scientific ideas to replace artistic self-expression and romanticism.
03 - 展示区 Exhibition area



校园书店和大学教育的结合,让校园文化氛围更加丰富,成为学生闲暇时光的精神堡垒。我们反思校园书店的氛围和气质该如何营造和设计,区别于纯商业型书店喧闹的设计手法和单一的使用空间,校园书店的出发点应该是塑造一个有序的空间,让学生可以安静的阅读购书。 The combination of campus bookstore and university education enriches the campus cultural atmosphere and becomes the spiritual fortress of students leisure time.We reflect on how to create and design the atmosphere and temperament of the campus bookstore, which is different from the noisy design method and single use space of the pure commercial bookstore. The starting point of the campus bookstore should be to create an orderly space so that students can read and buy books quietly.


同时需要兼顾活动的场地和必要的商业功能,不夸张但丰富有序,宜人的尺度和反思后的设计手法让空间内部使用者感受的是沉静又不失青春活力的空间特质。 At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the venue and necessary commercial functions of the activities, which are not exaggerated but rich and orderly. The pleasant scale and reflective design techniques make the internal users of the space feel the space characteristics of calm and youthful vitality.

中心区域是主要的书籍展示区,中间两侧是畅销书籍的展示。不同书籍分类通过三个盒子空间有序的区分开,书籍分类和书柜尺度结合灯光的营造让阅读体验感更人性化。 The central area is the main book display area, and the middle two sides are the display of best-selling books. Different book classifications are distinguished orderly by three box spaces. The combination of book classification and bookcase scale with the creation of lighting makes the reading experience more humanized.
04 - 书籍展示区 Book Exhibition area


室内空间被分隔成4个盒子,倾斜处理,形成一步一景的空间变化和宽窄不一廊道。盒子既是功能性的分割,用以功能驱动空间和艺术设计,从而向现代建筑先驱的包豪斯理念致敬。同时也希望从一、二、三的概念中生发出无穷可能。西塞罗说过没有书籍的屋子,就像没有灵魂的躯体,我们让书籍充满不同的屋子,让灵魂对话和发展。理工科学子在这样一个书店内徜徉学习,文理兼容并蓄,博雅而扎实,走向社会才会有更多的实现价值的可能。 The indoor space is divided into four boxes and tilted to form a step-by-step spatial change and corridor of different width. The box is a functional division, which is used to drive space and art design, thus paying tribute to the Bauhaus concept of the pioneer of modern architecture. At the same time, we also hope to generate infinite possibilities from the concepts of one, two and three. Cicero said that a room without books is like a body without soul. We let books fill different rooms and let the soul talk and develop.Students of science and engineering study in such a bookstore. They are both liberal arts and science, elegant and solid. Only when they go to society will they have more possibilities to realize value.


书籍展示区通过一侧的展示长廊结合灯光让阅读者沉浸下来,同时在尺度和体验上考虑900mm高度有可以随手可以放置以及重点展示的书籍层。 The book display area immerses the readers through the display corridor on one side and combined with lights. At the same time, in terms of scale and experience, there is a Book layer with a height of 900mm that can be easily placed and displayed.
05 - 阅读区 Reading area


靠近水吧区设置阅读区以及卡座区,足够的阅读卡座可以增加书店的创收,盒子空间相对独立安静适合自习和学习,卡座区相对自由随意适合交谈和互动。文创产品结合植入各个空间内,增加购买频次。 The reading area and card seat area are set near the water bar area. Enough reading card seats can increase the income of the bookstore. The box space is relatively independent and quiet, suitable for self-study and learning. The card seat area is relatively free and free, suitable for conversation and interaction. Cultural and creative products are implanted in various spaces to increase the purchase frequency.
06 - 水吧区 Bar




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ASL. Architecture consists of a young team focusing on the spatial techniques of architectural art and structure. Architectural and interior works have won many awards and attracted the attention of authoritative media in the industry. It mainly serves all kinds of highquality buildings, commercial and other public space design projects and integrated construction. It is committed to providing complete solutions for the project, considering the planning and design of architectural and commercial space, the matching of soft decoration, and the extension and application of the brand in architectural and commercial space from the perspective of brand development.





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