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2020-09-07 10:26
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喜欢北欧家居的人,大多数是无法抗拒那些经典而永恒的黑白灰。今天要讨论的更加丰富和高级的玩法,质感的黑白灰 欧式设计,搭出空间高级感。
Most people who like Nordic home are unable to resist those classic and eternal black and white gray. Today, we are going to discuss more rich and advanced playing methods. The texture of black and white and grey   European design can create a high-level sense of space.




Fireplace, relief with branch chandelier, gray brown sofa and armchair, the overall color is very matching with the texture of the log floor, mixed to show a different retro fashion space.







The open kitchen is a combination of log and marble, and the central island uses natural log marble to highlight the overall texture. And the entrance of the corridor three types of mosaic floor, then become the highlight of the space, inadvertently convey a diversified visual effect.





The overall design of the room is also quite luxurious, with plaster reliefs, metal art lamps and fireplaces. The curtain uses satin, the bed, carpet also uses and curtain the same color department gray, round make-up mirror and mirror cabinet body put metal art works, show the owner extraordinary taste.



Metal texture body art ornaments, metal light-emitting lamps in the mirror elegant presentation. The wall of the toilet is made of marble, with metal binding and high-grade faucet, and the details are matched with the wood bathroom cabinet of the same color with the floor, presenting a low-key and elegant taste.





This dirty and dusty villa space is a fashionable residence in Paris, showing a romantic feeling of texture. The shape of the window is round arched, and the large area of the window ensures the indoor lighting. While the gas ball chandelier is with a kind of light luxury taste, with arc-shaped curved surface sofa and black seat, and marble tea table, the overall space is grand and atmospheric.




A metal frame of black shelf, in the elegant space to ensure storage, but also to bring a cool feeling to the space. The dark green sheets in the bedroom are very eye-catching, and the cylindrical lanterns give the upper space imagination. Bathtub is also selected with the same color system gray, black bathroom cabinet to form a tone contrast.





A family of three transformed the 1930s tire warehouse into a forward-looking family home. The vision of the property is to create a creative dialogue, community and Art Center around the wishes of the owners. While the practical, stylish, and industrial design of the vertical steel is designed to prevent damage to the black facade. The internal challenge is to create a sense of light and flow, with a four story structure sandwiched between adjacent areas. The solution is to create two vertical spaces, an outdoor atrium, and a four story staircase.





The open atrium rises from the first floor to the roof, introducing sunlight from above and forming a small garden at the bottom. As you move up, light channels provide additional window lighting. The 40 foot high steel sculpture runs through the entire atrium, serving as a vertical pose connecting the horizontal planes. The most sculptural feature of the house is the continuous folding staircase made of black perforated metal. The industrial lace allows light to pass through, and the porous structure provides a view from the top to the ground and back. The upper deck and portico are carefully integrated to maximize light and landscape.







The huge open space and grand sense of scale are the overwhelming gains from the indoor experience. In keeping with the history of the building industry, structural steel beams and the original ceiling joists are in imperfect contrast to the sleek interior interventions and minimalist decorations. On the first floor is a spacious Gallery dedicated to the display of works of art, as well as a music studio for her husband.



A spacious living room and kitchen with an old-fashioned George Nelson sling sofa. The furnishings here are kept to a minimum and entertaining. Kitchen design also uses a similar idle way, large area of black wood cabinets and the creative application of recycled composite paper materials cover the island and table. There are private bedrooms and balconies in the floor, and the lounge space is moderately proportioned with chairs. It is a perfect transition to the landscape deck and the open view around the city.










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