Casa Santa Teresa阿米莉亚·塔维尔斯(Amelia Tavellas)在科西嘉岛的经典度假酒店

2020-06-13 22:31
When Aix-en-Provence based architect Amelia Tavella was commissioned to transform a 1950s rundown house into a modern holiday retreat in her native land, Corsica, she approached the project with a poetic nostalgia, tapping into her childhood memories of summers by the sea, to create in her words the “quintessential vacation home”. Located right by the sea, on Route des Sanguinaires, a scenic coastline route peppered with villas and luxury hotels near the Corsican capital, “Casa Santa Teresa” is blessed with beautiful views of the gulf of Ajaccio which Tavella has elegantly framed throughout the house. Espousing an aesthetic of modernist purity that reflects the original building’s spirit, and swathed in well-crafted natural materials, the property is imbued with a timeless sensibility that embodies the essence of summer living.
艾克斯普罗旺斯的建筑师阿米莉亚·塔维拉(Amelia Tavella)被委托将一座20世纪50年代破旧的房子改造成她家乡科西嘉(Corsica)的现代度假胜地,她带着一种诗意的怀旧情绪来到这个项目,挖掘她童年对海边夏天的回忆,用她的话创造出“典型的度假之家”。 坐落在海边,在桑吉内尔斯路上,一条风景优美的海岸线路线,在科西嘉首都附近到处都是别墅和豪华酒店,“卡萨圣特雷萨”有美丽的阿雅乔湾的景色,塔维拉在整个房子里都有优雅的框架。 体现了现代派纯洁的美学,反映了原始建筑的精神,并被精心制作的自然材料所包裹,这一财产充满了一种永恒的情感,体现了夏季生活的本质。






























Comprising four floors, with the lower two housing the living areas and the upper two the private quarters, the whitewashed building is orientated towards the sea, with the interiors spilling out on to the exterior through a series of terraces and balconies. Due to its ruinous state, the house had to be extensively rebuilt, with numerous internal walls demolished to create more spacious and fluid interiors. However,it was important for Tavella to hold on to its spirit and soul. “I believe in the memory of walls, in the way it leaves its mark on a space”, she says. On the ground floor, a stone-paved courtyard at the back of the house, lined with lush vegetation, is made up by a shaded alfresco dining area and a sun-kissed pool deck, just a few steps away from the beach. Overlooking the terrace and pool below, the generous living area on the first floor opens out to a spacious terrace subtly delineated by a rope balustrade. Built-in seating, graceful archways and arched alcoves, separate the light-filled space into living, dining and study areas without undermining the open-plan configuration, while three pivoting glass doors elegantly allow for expansive vistas.
由四层组成,下部两层是生活区,上部两层是私人住宅,粉刷后的建筑朝向大海,内部通过一系列露台和阳台向外部延伸。 由于其破坏性的状态,房子必须广泛重建,许多内墙被拆除,以创造更宽敞和流动的内部。 然而,塔维拉必须坚守自己的精神和灵魂。 她说:“我相信记忆中的墙壁,就像它在一个空间上留下印记一样。 在一楼,房子后面有一个石铺的庭院,两旁是郁郁葱葱的植被,由一个有阴影的露天餐厅和一个晒黑的游泳池甲板组成,离海滩只有几步之遥。 俯瞰下面的露台和游泳池,一楼宽敞的生活区向一个宽敞的露台开放,由绳子栏杆巧妙地勾勒出来。 内置的座椅,优雅的拱门和拱形的壁龛,将充满光线的空间分隔成居住、就餐和学习区域,而不破坏开放式的结构,而三扇旋转的玻璃门优雅地允许膨胀的景观。






























The muted, all-white interiors are complemented by a sparse selection of furniture in natural materials such as wooden tables, cane chairs and wicker light fittings, while striped orange and blue pillows add splashes of colour. The same combination of white surfaces and natural materials continues in the private quarters perched on the two upper floors. Accessed via a wooden staircase, the five bedrooms enjoy views of the sea, with the master bedroom featuring its own terrace. With its stripped wooden shutters, pivoting glass doors and gauze curtains that serenely filter in the Mediterranean sunlight, Casa Santa Teresa “is the quintessential vacation home”, Tavella explains, “the one that haunts my memory of happy childhood evenings, when the night embraces the day and beauty is a celebration”.
柔和的,全白色的内部是补充稀疏的选择家具的自然材料,如木制桌子,藤椅和柳条轻配件,而条纹橙色和蓝色枕头增加了飞溅的颜色。 同样的白色表面和天然材料的组合继续存在于两层楼上的私人住宅中。 五间卧室通过木制楼梯进入,可以欣赏海景,主卧设有自己的露台。 塔维拉解释说,“这是一个让我想起童年快乐夜晚的地方,夜晚拥抱白天,美丽是一种庆祝”。

























Casa Santa Teresa的作者:Amelia Tavella

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